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Casting Premium Bullets for Handguns DVD

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Casting Premium Bullets for Handguns is a DVD that takes you to a level beyond Bullet Casting 101. This "“how to”" video explains all the necessary techniques in detail. You‘ll learn: to cast the highest quality bullets for accuracy; to cast bullets from a single cavity mold to the six cavity gang mold while balancing mold and alloy temperatures.

From Wolfe Publishing 

Casting Premium Bullets, 4/23/2019 6:33 AM
From: Gregg
Very disappointing video. While it presents some sound theory relative to bullet casting in general, the casting technique portrayed here is the worst I've ever encountered (note the image of the mold on the video cover - it doesn't get any better in the video). The casting method used is unsafe, wasteful, inefficient and messy. I cannot recommend this DVD at all; particularly for any new casters who may actually attempt to replicate it.
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