Rifle Loony News: The Second Five Years - Barsnes

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Rifle Loony News: The Second Five Years by John Barsness


The Second Five Years of Rifle Loony News is now in book form.  Over the ten year run, two things have stayed the same: no advertising and always tell the truth. Whether it’s scopes and binos, accurizing your rifle, singing the praises of an Honest Gun, breaking down the myths of game care and cooking, or providing recipes for all your game, and the ever popular Cookie Corner, they’ve tested it, found the quirks, eliminated the non-starters and told the truth.  Then there’s the What’s Up and Back Burner pages, full of hunting stories and the pleasures of a life afield.

Year eleven started with Eileen’s take on Fire-Roasted Jalapeno Jerky and John’s reports on Compressed Powder Charges, Riflescope Eye Relief,  an Honest Gun getting set free, and lots, lots more.  

Want to know what scope he’s hoarding these days? Year 11 Issue 3. (November 2019) Buy this book, then sign up for the next five years of Rifle Loony News.  

You’ll never run out of things to argue about over the campfire. 

8.5×11” 276 pages. Lots of b&w photos, with a 5 page color insert.

https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ (4x year online/$10 per year) Just click on the Rifle Loony News tab on the upper right, and join us.