Obsessions of a Rifle Loony - Barsness

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Obsessions of a Rifle Loony by John Barsness

John Barsness has written for every major hunting magazine published in North America, and some not so major. Obsessions of a Rifle Loony is a Collection of John’s work. He is known among a few of his close friends as the Bull Goose Rifle Loony and he wears the title proudly.

Obsessions of a Rifle Loony is a collection on John’s musings about hunting, guns, bullets, and such, some new and some published in places you may not have a subscription to. (Have you had trouble keeping up with his travels the last two years? Well, here’s your chance to catch up!)

Table Of Contents



Part I–The Rifles

1     Only Unusual Rifles Are Interesting

2     The Bolt Action

3     Repeating Centerfire Rifle Actions

4     Single-Shot Hunting Rifles

5     Rifle Weight and Balance

6     Stock Fit

7     So You Want a Custom Rifle

8     Buying Old “Shooters”

Part II–The Cartridges

9   Efficient Cartridges

10   My Cartridge Is Better than Yours

11   Confessions of a Rimfire Addict

12   The Modern Hornet

13   .224 and .243

14   The .257 Roberts

15   The “Magical” 6.5’s

16   Why .27?

17   The All-American 7MM’s

18   Why the .308 Is Great

19   The .30-06 Springfield

20   The Circular History of the .300 Magnums

21   Medium Mediums

22   The .416 Rigby

23   Just Enough Gun

Part III–Technical

24    Lessons from a Borescope

25    Simple Stock Bedding

26    Synthetic Stocks

27    Scopes That Take Recoil

28    Semi-Pro Scope Mounting

29    Open Country Shooting

30    Iron Sights in the 21st Century

31    Accurate Ammunition


Tools in the Badlands