Rifle Trouble-Shooting and Handloading - Barsness

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Product Description

Rifle Trouble-Shooting and Handloading by John Barsness


Rifle Trouble-Shooting and Handloading is a must have book for any gun enthusiast. It covers reloading tips and tricks, scope mounting and testing, rifle trouble-shooting and even technical techniques.

Table Of Contents

The Vagaries of Rifle Trouble-Shooting

Part One: Rifle Trouble-Shooting

Scopes and Mounts

Advanced Scope Mounting
Testing Riflescopes
Scopes That Take Recoil
Detachable Scope Mounts


Out-of-The-Box Accuracy
Barrels, from New to Over-Used
Barrel Bedding
Controlled or Push Feed
Triggers and Safeties
If It Ain’t Broke
Speaking Gunsmith
Field Car for Hunting Rifles

Part Two: Handloading

More or Less Technical

Smokeless Rifle Case Design
Predicting Ballistics
Reloading Data
Group Size
Wind Flags


How Expanding Bullets Work
Rifles Brass
Modern Rifle Powders
Hot and Cold

The Handloading Process

Mistakes and Misconceptions
Bullet Seating
Pulling Bullets
Time and Motion