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Gun Gack II has arrived and we are now shipping them out!

What Gun Gack I didn’t cover, Gun Gack II does. There’s more about rifles—from accurizing to actions and new powders and bullets for the 6.5 Creedmoor and the .30-30.  There are the ‘old’ four Weatherby rounds, improving the Ackley Improved—and what about reduced loads. While the hot trend is faster, flatter, longer, there’s a large segment of handloaders who are leaning the other way—to more efficient loads with less recoil.  (Yup, there’s a chapter on that, and that, too.)

Then there’s the real rifle loony stuff, like that nice rifle, chambered for some oddball cartridge you couldn’t resist buying. Being a handloader, you assume ammo can be put together somehow, but where to start? You’re not alone. It’s what keeps John up at night, and leads him to the range summer, winter, fall and spring.

Ahh.  More gack to ponder ‘round the campfire. Isn’t it time?

Mike T. just got his:   New book rocks John. Got it yesterday and enjoying  it a great deal.
Thanks for another great book. Binding, paper grade all, all great. Book
has a nice amount of weight. Have a great hunting season! 

Table Of Contents:

Remember the Basics
Introduction: page 9

Why Does My Rifle Like This Bullet?
page 15
The Realities of High Ballistic Coefficient
page 23
Solid Hunting Bullets
page 33
Handloading Oddball Rifle Cartridges
page 41
The Pros and Cons of Three-Shot Groups
page 47
Loading Big Batches of Accurate Rifle Rounds
page 53
Reduced Loads
page 57
Pulling Bullets
page 67
Different Batches of the “Same” Powder
page 71
Temperature and Rifle Powder
page 79
Too-Safe Handloading?
page 91
Bolt Thrust, Case Shape and Related Myths
page 97
Power Case Trimming
page 103
Neck-Turning Brass
page 111
Annealing Brass
page 115
Belted Cases
page 121
“Improved” Cartridges
page 129

A Short History of Classic American Hunting Rifles
page 137
Ten Essential Books of Hunting Rifle History
page 143
Why Don’t They Chamber The—?
page 149
Cheap Hunting Rifles!
page 155
Custom Bolt Actions
page 163
Military or Commercial Mauser Action
page 171
Straight-Pull Bolt Actions
page 177
Switch-Barrel Rifles
page 185
Blueprinting, Barrels and Other Custom Stuff
page 191
page 199
Traditional Lever Actions
page 207
The Simplest Single-Shot Rifles
page 215
Chassis Rifles
page 223
Bore Erosion
page 229
Reboring Rifle Barrels
page 235
A Basic Guide to Custom Barrels
page 241
Accurizing Factory Rifles
page 247
page 255
Rifle Stock Materials
page 261
Hunting Rifle Triggers
page 269
Hunting Rifle Safeties
page 277
Coping with Recoil
page 283
Shoot ‘Em Again!
page 293
Opinions of Killing Power
page 301

Loading the Savage Rifle Rounds
page 313
The 6XC: A Collection of Modern Cartridge Concepts
page 321
The .260 Remington: Victim of Circumstance
page 327
New Powders and Bullets in the 6.5 Creedmoor
page 333
The 6.5×55 Norwegian Krag
page 339
The “Old Four” Weatherby Rounds
page 347
The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum
page 353
Improving the .280 Ackley Improved
page 359
New Powders and Bullets in the .30-30
page 365
Several .30-40 Krags
page 371
The Three Faces of the .32-20
page 377
Myths and Realities of the .300 WSM
page 387
.33 W.C.F.: The Original .338
page 393
The .358: Winchester’s Transitional Thumper
page 401
Handloading a Little .38-55
page 407

Epilogue: Shooting Schools
page 415

Appendix: The Rules
page 421

Manufacturer’s Contact Information
page 425