The Big Book of Gun Gack III: Once More into the Breech - Barsness

Paperback issue.
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The Big Book of Gun Gack by John Barsness


Gun Gack III: Once More into the Breech
Soft cover, 380 pages, lots of black & white photos, $32.25
GG3 is at the printer right now, and will be available mid-October. Reserve your copy now.
 “Like many gun writers I got into the profession during mid-life, after establishing a freelance career writing about other stuff from fly-fishing to Western history. It wasn’t until around age 40 that gun writing started turning into more of my income, partly because before my mid-30s I couldn’t afford to satisfy my apparently infinite desire for sporting firearms. After starting to buy and use more rifles and shotguns, I also started learning how little knowledge I’d acquired when sticking to basic hunting tools.” JB

And we’re off.  Rifles, primers, powders, cartridges, brass, chronys, bullets, including non-toxics, optics, scopes, iron sights, bullet expansion, dies, pressure indicators, velocity. Parts rifles, accuracy, heat-treating barrels, breaking in barrels, canting….
It’s Gun Gack. The language of shooters, whether the target is meat or paper it’s time to light the fire. Once more into the breech!

Table Of Contents:

Learning from Gun Writing
page 7

Modern Hunting Rifle Accuracy
page 17
Hunting Rifle Balance
page 25
Parts Rifles
page 31
Guides and Guns
page 39
Trends in Elk Rifles
page 45
Big Game with .22 Centerfires
page 55
Mountain Rifles
page 59
Choosing and Using Rifle Slings
page 67

Pre-Testing Hunting Rifles
page 75
Cleaning and Breaking-in Barrels
page 81
Heat-Treating Barrels
page 87
100-Yard Obsession
page 93
Going to 1000 Yards
page 99
Benchrest Shooting
page 107
The Effects of Rifle Canting
page 111
Spotting Your Own Shots
page 117
Shooting Running Game
page 123

Factory Ammo Velocity
page 131
How Hunting Bullets Expand
page 137
Non-Toxic Hunting Bullets
page 145
Big Game Bullet Field-Testing
page 155

The Real Use of Collimators
page 165
The Basics of Mounting Scopes
page 169
Rifle Scopes and Iron Sights
page 175
Woods Optics
page 181
Why Today’s Rifle Scopes Are Such Good Bargains
page 189

Rifle Die Design
page 197
New Brands of Brass
page 205
Compressed Powder Charges
page 215
The Least Reliable “Pressure Indicator”
page 219
40 Years with Chronographs
page 223
The 6mm Creedmoor
page 235
The 6.5 PRC
page 243
New Bullets and Powders in the .270 Winchester
page 251
Handloading the Modern 7×57
page 259
New Powders and Bullets in the 7mm Remington Magnum
page 267
The First .308 Winchester
page 275
Handloading for the M1 Garand
page 283
The .40-65 Winchester Center Fire
page 291
The .50-70 “Trapdoor” Springfield
page 299

Q & A
from the campfire, etc.
page 309
page 327
page 335
page 341
page 359
page 365
page 369

page 377